Punctuality and Attendance

//Punctuality and Attendance
Punctuality and Attendance 2018-06-26T10:54:32+01:00

Please ensure that your child is in school at 8.40am each day.

School begins at 8.40am. All external gates are locked by 9.00am.
After that entrance into the school is through the main front door only.
Punctuality is important and parents are asked to be conscious of the impact and disruption caused by being regularly late.

Good attendance is a priority in our school. A written explanation is required when a child is absent from school.
Parents of children arriving late/leaving early need to sign in/out in the office.

Morning Procedure

The gate into the school yard is opened each morning at 8.30am. Children walk to their Líne. The yard is supervised until 8.40am when the class teacher escorts their class to the classroom where work commences. If you have business in the office please enter via the main door after you have dropped your child to the Líne.

Afternoon Procedure

For Junior and Senior Infants the gate will open for parents to enter at 1.20pm. The children will be waiting in their Líne for collection. All other classes will be escorted to the main gate by their teacher at 2.20pm, and can be collected at that point.

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